Meet the Puppet Builders

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Ramdas Padhye

The ventriloquist and puppet builder Ramdas Padhye standing behind his handiwork, the George W. Bush and Bill Clinton vpuppets, and the George W. Bush marionette.

The creator of the Presidential Puppets is Ramdas Padhye of India. He and his sons represent the second and third generation of a famous family of Indian puppetmasters and ventriloquists, starting with Ramdas' father, the late Professor Y. K. Padhye, who used ventriloquism in his puppet acts as far back as 1920. In the photo, Ramdas is standing behind his creations, the Presidential Puppets.

For information about Ramdas Padhye and his family, visit his website at

Kristin L. Peterson

Kristin L. Peterson, the creator of Florian, with another of her vent creations.

The creator of Florian is Kristin L. Peterson of Littleton, Colorado. Here we see her at the 2001 Ventriloquist Convention in Kentucky introducing one of her puppets.